VS30: 2019+ 3 and 4 seat comfort bench seats, Boston, $400/500

Black leatherette, cup holders, individual reclining - came out of a 2019 12 passenger in June. Pick up or delivery within 495 available. PM for photos if you want. New condition. Very comfortable, just surplus to requirements.


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I think pickup will work for me, i am from NJ.
About seats, i meant a 3 seat bench. Rails is for two rows (long ones) or they a split in between?


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What do you suppose shipping would be to 66442. I am not local by any means. Interested in a 3 seater. I understand if shipping would be too much. Just by the size alone I think it might be.
I'd guess $250-300 using U-ship but I'd be worried about the seat getting damaged in transport. I don't have a lot of packing materials.

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