Navion Roof Fairings


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Earlier this summer, while on I-70 in Kansas in a gusty, strong left crosswind (2012 Navion 24J), the front part of the left roof fairing was liberated - making quite a noise flopping around. Pulled over to shoulder, climbed up and removed it completely. Continued all the way to the left coast without any noticeable difference in noise or mpg. I'm sure the truckers thought it was ugly but, other than aesthetics, anything I should be concerned about? Has happened to others? Thanks in advance.

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I have read of loss of "fairings" previously. Never happened to me, but I just unbolted mine and found one cracked near the upper mount. Given the size of the vehicle and the size of he fairing I am sure that they are for appearance only.


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Roof fairings?? Are you talking about the gray fiberglass 'bubbles' just behind the cabover? If so, I removed mine about 6 months ago . . . . before they blew off. The metal mounting brackets glued inside them were about 75% rusted away . . . . and of course, the screws into the roof were not sealed in any way. One of the screws had actually cracked the fiberglass roof so water could wick it's way into the roof. I'm guessing they're more for looks than anything else, but the design was certainly one of Winnebago's poorest implementations ever



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On one of my trips to Denver, we encountered some terrific quartering winds. We got a sound that I thought was a loose awning, but it was instead those 'fairings' oscillating in the wind. The backside was extremely flimsy. When I got home I installed two aluminum angles back to back on the reverse, flatside of the fairing, along it's length. This made them much, much stronger and difficult to twist or bend. No more noise, and will probably not break since they can't flex as much. Can't figure out why they did not install some sort of stiffener at the factory. Oh....but wait, I'm not sure they ever test these vehicles, other than a lap around town!!!!


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Can anyone post a pic of their rig without the fairings?

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