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I did have one frustrating issue while setting up the app. The app required me to enter a code that was supposed to appear on the mbux when the vehicle was started. I tried sending the code from the app three times before finding the solution. In the upper rt corner of the screen was an icon that controls notifications. Notifications were turned off for me/pro connect. I turned them on and immediately received 3 codes.....
Any chance you can send a picture of this? Can't find notifications anywhere


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I just received my 2020 sprinter and was having the same sort of issues several people in this thread have mentioned so I called Mercedes customer service. They have informed me that as of January 1 2021 all non-commercial customers of sprinter will be migrated to Mercedes me and will be removed from the Mercedes pro portal.

So going forward individual use/non-commercial sprinter customers will be in Mercedes me just like all there passenger car customers, and not Mercedes pro. During the migration right now no new activations can be processed and so you have to wait until the new year.

I can confirm that Mercedes Me Connect has migrated...

On the Mercedes Me Connect app I can:
Remote lock/unlock the van
Check vehicle status i.e doors/windows open, vehicle on/off/ tire pressure etc...
Service including vehicle fluid levels and battery
Valet Mode
Trip data



Thanks, I was finally able to get this set up. Glad it allows for some remote features like locking and unlocking. I wish it allowed for pre-conditioning the vehicle with AC or heat. Better than nothing though.
Yup, I had already given up on the pro connect apps / me apps. It was by accident that I saw an map update and then saw Bluewander's above post...

You are right. It is not much, but maybe a good start. It definitely needs more features. The valet mode is an interesting feature.


I am excited about the possible cheap data plan available, but it is odd how the car has to be on for it to work. That kind of kills it


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Not working for me. Just tried for about a half hour. Entered the VIN manually. I did not see a mercedes connect app on the radio so I cant scan a QR code. I did get the code in the messages on the radio. But after that it just gives me errors. What am I missing? Do I have to have the ATT plan?
I tried for a bit to do it myself but it did not work. 2020 VS03 with the MBUX 10.25". Went to the dealership and they did it with their system. Seems there is some confusion about what app to use. Here is what I learned... You use the Mercedes Me Connect app, Not the Mercedes Pro or Mercedes me app.... It has to be the "connect" app. Verifying the vehicle manually by entering the VIN does not send a code to the MBUX display like it says AND there is no QR code to scan in for the automatic verification option (the rescue QR code and the tiny QR code on the VIN sticker do not work). I sat there for 40 minutes watching the MBUX display for a code... Nothing. Went to the dealership and explained what's going on... They said MBUSA is implementing some back-end system changes and that the system is not completely working correctly at the moment. They had me delete the app and reinstall it.. I created a profile and then they manually entered and verified everything and in 3 minutes my app was working and connected to the van.. Got it all, Tire pressure, DEF level, Fuel level.... Everything is working and all of the app features are there. You do not need an internet data plan on the MBUX to make it work... The van has it's own telematics system and can send and receive data without a paid data plan. The data plan option is there if you want to have a mobile hotspot.

You will receive all system and map updates without having the optional data plan.

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Make sure you check the upper rt corner for notification settings. Mine was turned off from the factory. I receive all the other BS notifications, but not the ones from the app.

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