2016 Agile SS Ecotrek

Paul D'A

New member
Having difficulties turning on Lithium batteries with shore power (110V) or the UH Generator. I am perplexed as to where the Inverter gets it's initial power that is needed to "turn on" the lithium batteries? It doesn't appear to be coming from the Shore Power source or the UG generator (?). Is it in any way powered by the Sprinters Auxiliary AGM Battery?
UH generator get it's initial power from the AGM battery located under the hood on the driver's side. It charges when the engine is running via the power line directly off of the 2nd (aka Underhood Generator). Without this battery at least somewhere around 12.4, underhood generator will not work nor solar panels will charge. I've experienced so much issue with this that some day, when I replace my RT, I will get one with a regular generator.

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