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I am looking at buying a 2011 Freightliner/Mercedes Sprinter but it has lots of error codes, how do I fix them and how much will it cost? Only problem I had while test driving was the vehicle stalling while idling.

P11bf00 the control deviation in the rail pressure control via the pressure control valve(in the closed state) is too high

P106100 the upper limit for long term adaptation of the SCR exhaust gas after treatment system has been exceeded,

P13cf00 The component R9/6 (glow plug cylinder 6) has an interruption

P106300 efficiency of the SCR catalytic converter in the temperature range ‘1’ TOO LOW

P153900 SCR catalytic converter efficiency UNDERWAY

P106500 efficiency of the SCR catalytic converter in the temperature range ‘2’ TOO LOW

P130f00 the Learned value of the pressure control valve has exceeded the upper limit value

P14cf00 COMPONENT y27/17 (exhaust gas recirculation actuator) has a malfunction; the actuator does not open.

P14b700 The exhaust gas recirculation actuator (high pressure) is stuck closed

P155500 The control unit has an internal error

P155700 Motor cannot be started (blocked)


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What engine?
Are those codes stored, or active?
I just bought Sprinter, who had 10 codes on it, so I negotiated $1000 discount for the risk.
After papers exchange, I cleared the codes and only 1 electronic glitch come back on 700 miles trip.
Buying 10 yo vehicle without warranty is not for everybody.
Especially when you have to ask how to deal with it.
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Careful /Caution
Engine is seized or partially seized at some time:-
P155700 Motor cannot be started (blocked)
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As an eeratum, P155700 it might be resolved by a DEF related scan tool lock out override but again a risky expensive repair is in the offing whichever is the real issue .

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