Is the original crank up TV antenna worth keeping, or should I remove it to make room for another solar panel?


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2004 VC-MB. Has the original TV antenna that cranks up with the interior crank handle. I want to install some roof top solar panels,....and can reasonably only install one panel if I dont remove the antenna.
I may occasionally want to watch local news or weather (if available),.....those of you with knowledge of newer tech,.......can I get that same content from my cell phone and then send it to a TV either by casting or cable to my phone?

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It will still work. Whether it is worth keeping is subjective.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, some discussion is here.



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The old Winegard Sensar (batwing) antenna are still the best reception antennas out there (50 mile range), but they do take up a lot of real estate. If you only use it occasionally you might consider replacing with the more modern option called the mushroom antenna (35 mile range), Another option is to completely remove the antenna and use a flat wave antenna,,electronics,246&sr=8-3, on your window when you want local stations. I have also seen people remove it, add a coax cable extension and carry it in a compartment and pull it out and attach it to their ladder when they want to use it, but that requires storage space, which is hard to come by as well.
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Can never have enough solar ! No room on my roof for an antenna, so I had a demountable antenna on a pole which attached to brackets on the LHS back door hinge. Worked well, but was a bit of a pain to set up, especially if raining. Also took up a fair amount of storage space within the vehicle.
Another issue was that, I tend to "stealth" camp quite a lot. In which case, the antenna was a no go, and DVDs and Chromecast was the main alternative. About 6 months ago, I installed a 4 antenna DVB T2 Diversity tuner, and ditched the old Clearview antenna system.
Pictured below is a device similar to the one I purchased on eBay for AUD $200.
These devices are like a HD set top box for moving vehicles. The one I have has 4 Diversity amplified antennas. They are very small, and adhere to the inside of the windscreen and rear windows. The smarts inside the box, monitor the 4 antenna inputs, and combine them all into one, really good signal. This good signal, is then fed via HDMI to my TV. So far the results have exceeded my expectations. Eventually, I'll connect up the boxes other output, to the screen in the radio head unit. I can then watch TV, at 200Kph. Added bonus, my existing TV, DVD combo unit, did not have a full HD tuner. So there were some channels, I could not watch. I can now tune them all. Only 2 drawbacks so far .... another bloody remote control to master in the dark, and the DVB does not have EPG. Dont know why.

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