4x4 specification info.


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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum, this is my first post, so I apologise for all the things I get wrong.

We're considering a 4x4 sprinter as a camper and I'm trying to confirm some specifications. Was hoping to use the wiki on this site so I didn't have to bother anyone but it didn't seem to be working.

What I think I've pieced together from various places is:

T1N - 4x4, selectable, with transfer case and low range. Rear locker?

NCV3 - AWD, selectable, no low range, torque split 33 to the front, 67 to the back.

VS30 - Same as NCV3.

Is any of this correct?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Probably should mention I'm in Australia in case that changes anything.
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I don't think four wheel drive was offered on the T1N in the US.

The NCV3 is four wheel drive, not AWD, and low range was offered as an option, so not all vans will have low range.

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Hi Misfit
For the T1N the transfer cases were
ZG1 selectable high range
ZG2 full time
ZG3 selectable with high and low


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Thanks for the replies.

Looks like the ZG3 option is what we're after. I assume this is traditional 4x4 without any torque splitting front to rear?

Reading what kcshoots replied these options may be the same in the NCV3?


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Cheers Patrick,

That's good. I have also since read that the low range in the NCV3 is only 1.5:1.

So if the T1N ZG3 has a better ratio I think it will be the go.


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Adding to this: is there a way to add 4x4 to an existing 2wd NVC3? And would it be worth doing?
I'm wondering where everyone is getting their 4x4 sprinters from!!


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Short answer, No.

A 2wd registered exambo will sell for around $16k at the auctions, 4wd exambo double+ the price.
There are ex telco/utility services 4wd sprinters on the secondhand market, but lack exambo luxury items, ie suspension front seats.

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