Pulling Headliner


To all the DIYers on this forum,
Many thanks for the immense experience and information posted here. I am soon to embark on the complete interior removal of my van.
Couple of thoughts - I cannot do everything at once, I am trying to minimize having to go back and open anything up again except as needed.

Given the collective experience, what are the items you wish you had done, prepared, pre-wired for future items or simply underestimated when you had the shell open in your van remodels? I will be starting with sound deadener, thinsulate, MaxxAir, stereo upgrade, and various lighting/power circuits.



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If you're pulling the front headliner as well,
A. Wire for a backup/rearview camera (examples below)
B. Accessory switched power to upper windshield for a radar detector

Plus front or rear:
C. Power and antenna for satellite internet receiver (StarLink) plus wifi router, or cell booster, etc.
D. Solar grommets
E. Lighted awning?
F. Roof light bar?
G. AC for A/C and microwave


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