front hitch on a t1n, for bicycles.


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Thinking about mounting my bicycle rack on a front hitch. Anyone know who carries a manufactured hitch for the front of a t1n, ,,,. Any thoughts on if it will raise the temperature on the engine.


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Howdy, I suggest reviewing if auto insurance policy will allow front accessories?

On newer models, Mercedes doesn't recommend attaching any front accessories and could possibly be used as a breech of contract by savvy insurance companies.

Besides, not got for coefficient of drag.


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I had no idea, thanks for the heads up. I'm sure it changes the air movement I just don't know if I want to suffer lower mileage and hotter enginetemperatures just for the convenience of the bicycles being out of the way of the rear doors.


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All the insurance myths turn to be BS over the years. I drove 30,000 miles in my truck/camper combo, while having big generator mounted in front of the radiator. Even coming from Death Valley with 124F and doing 55mph on very steep highway, my coolant never went above 128F.
Obviously older vehicles might have some boiler stone in them, so checking the system would be good idea.
When you see trucks used for RV, you will see all kind of attachments. Can't find my favorite picture right now, but that is small sample how far human imagination can go.
Talking about front hitches - Torklift makes them for my Sprinter. You are looking for 1 for Roadtrek, so you might be on wrong forum.


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