HELP Need T1N water pump replacement JAX area


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Pulling car trailer w car back to Texas. Slight water pump seal leak maybe a pint+ every 1 1/2 hours. Any recommended service in JAX area. MB dealer Dodge or? Not wanting to but may have to wait till Monday morning. Prefer MB parts but checking auto parts stores. Can change myself on road. Steve


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Well you can certainly change it on the roadside. I have even changed a 12 litre diesel engine on the road side in a big rig Leyland 18 wheeler somewhere west of Tabriz & a twin plate clutch in a Scammell Crusader stuck in the desert on route 5 south of the Kuwait border.
Biggest challenge was cold with first one and heat & bloody scorpions with the second!

You are limited by tools you might have overlooked and need or even sudden parts that need changing immediately , such as the heater return elbow that unexpectedly rips up, or lack of the metal gasket sealing the coolant down pipe from the water pump to lower elbow.
I would suggest bunging in a can of BG radiator sealant as an easy remedy to get home.
Being made from an organic Brazilian pepper it can be easy flushed out with a plain water flush when get home with no ill effect .
It worked recently for a drop in customer with a BMW and no money to fix it.
(Whats new these days in the USA ??? )
I gave him a bottle the BG as goodwill and it sealed itself within a few minutes or running at idle.
Worth a try using the KISS method.
All the best

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Here she is the Astran Leyland

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