Bathroom cupholder options?


2019 Unity FX
Hello all. I searched the forum and did not find a related thread. Just wondering if anyone has found/made a bracket to replace the bathroom cupholder bracket. We don't need it as is, and would rather have something to hold two soap dispensers, but of course they are slightly larger diameter than the glasses.

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Why would you have a drinking cup in a tiny toilet room? It's not the pristine, germ free atmosphere you might think it is. Polluted water vapors erupt from flushing and settle on everything in your crapper. Simply put...What's in your cup is in your black tank.


2019 Unity FX

Thanks, had not given that thought. We just don't want to use the glasses/cups, and want a holder for soap-type dispensers. And it is pretty tiny!

BTW, ask LTV what they installed the cupholder!


2019 Unity FX

Thanks. I had actually seen your previous post about the T-nuts, etc., and saved the info. I'm not ready to make my own bracket just yet.


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Cultures of the toothbrushes in a bathroom exhibit high levels of e coli. You should store them in the kitchen. Or in the medicine cabinet at least.


2019 Unity FX
Being a RV newbie, I had not thought of that. Luckily, I keep my electric toothbrush in a ziplock bag in my hanging travel kit.

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