Moto hitch capacity on 4x4 158" T1N


So I have an 06 4x4 158" 416CDI T1N that I bought in Denmark, have been converting it slowly for an overland journey across Asia/Pan-America in a couple of years time. I want to mount a moto hitch on the back, but I'm not too sure how much weight would be considered too stressful for the rear axle. I have built most of my cabinetry, bed frame etc out of extruded aluminium, there really isn't all that much weight in my build to begin with if I'm honest, but I'd have to get it weighed. The van is a dually registered as a truck up to 4.5T, it has the bigger leaf springs in the rear.

The bike I'm looking at is probably a Honda XR150, weighs about 130kg (286lbs). I mean, I know I can carry the thing, but I do intend to be traveling down some pretty bad roads occasionally, especially corrugated roads etc. Would a bike of this weight be alright hanging off the back?


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The 400 series has a stronger frame, so 350lbs of carrier and bike will be okay. I suggest reinforcing the carrier though.

As far as axle loading, you just need to stay under the axles rating. That 350lbs will translate to more than that load on the axle. It's a simple math lever problem to determine how much extra.


Drove this rig all over the West. That's an XR400, a bit heaver than your 150. Half-ton van with air shocks, but I built a stout telescoping bumper/carrier. Never a problem.

Keep the bike snuggled up tight to the rear doors to minimize the cantilever effect MWD references above. Of course any additional weight back there (spare tire, fuel and/or water jugs, etc.) adds to the effect.

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