what is this ?

dodge sprinter 2500, 2006, 158''

when change my oil i see this hanging under the front and it is coming from wires in front of the radiator. where this go ?



thank you



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Not familiar with this model, but looks like air temp sensor.
Don't you have a hole under bumper where it might fit?


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The NCV3 put the ambient air temp sensor in various places ... in some it poked into one of the "step" footwells in the front bumper ... so you could more easily break it when you put your foot in there to deal with the windshield or wipers.

But (2006) you have a T1N, so it goes in a hole behind the front license plate ... it's a fairly scruffy hole (little bits of fiberglass on its edges). Since the ambient readout was an "option", it may even be a "drill after molding" instead of "built in" to the bumper's plastic mold.

But yes: that photo definitely shows an ambient air temperature sensor.



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There's no "bracket", there's simply a hole drilled into the plastic "bumper"


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