What year is this engine?


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Hi everyone,
This sprinter (year 2000) had its engine replaced with a newer model and I can't find any engine numberIMG_20200730_093525.jpg. Can anyone tell from this photo what year it is? I can provide more photos if needed.


UK 2004 T1N 313CDi


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Thats definitely an OM611 4 cylinder. That central style inlet manifold only appears on them.

They started appearing in ROW sprinters from 2000 on. What makes you think it is a newer model than what the van came with? It would be a pretty big job to replace the earlier OM604 with that because you would need a full loom and electronics and dashboard etc.

Does your van have rectangle shaped top edge on the headlamps and bonnet front edge? Those are the ones that had the old non-CDI engines. These have model names like 308d, 312d

vs CDI has a more teardrop shaped headlamp and shaped bonnet front edge. These have names like 313CDI
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Oops, my bad. It's the yellow dipstick that is fabled, not the red one. I think.

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