Shurflo Macerator Replacement with Jabsco


2010 Roadtrek SS Ideal
I recently experienced failure of my Shurflo macerator pump while far away from any RV dealer that might have a replacement pump and no time to arrange on-line purchase / shipping. Due to Covid 19 restrictions many RV Campgrounds allow only self contained “campers” so repair was even more urgent to allow us to continue our vacation. Yes, I could natural flow drain bypassing the macerator but the “plug” to do that is not in a convenient location, cobbled up plumbing would be required to have a controlled natural flow outlet.

I was in a coastal area with many cruiser style boats in the Marina which led me to thinking that those boats must have a sewage pump and maybe I could get a pump from a marine supply shop. Sure enough a nearby boat shop had a macerator pump that looked very similar but it was a Jabsco brand. I did some quick internet search for information about cross reference equivalence but found nothing so bought it with option to return it if it didn’t fit. A campground pump exchange was completed with only basic tools and ....
Turns out it was an exact match, the only external difference was where the electric wires exited the unit but they were long enough to easily connect to the RV supply.

Our vacation continued with flushing and pumping peace of mind and new knowledge of macerator pump replacement options.


2010 Roadtrek SS Ideal
Jabsco 18590 - 2092
The Jabsco and I expect Shurflo as well come with an inlet extension to couple with rubber hose that was not needed and I suspected could cause interference with waste intake. I would have used a hacksaw to cut it off but I didn’t have one so cut it off with a small hunting knife heated on campstove.
Later inspection of my old Shurflo showed the impeller to be “worn out”. I believe an impeller replacement kit is available which would have likely cost less than $20
I suspect if I purchase the replacement kit and carry the old pump with me I’d never need it, if replaced and left pump on shelf at home I’d need it ?


2015 RT SS Agile (3.0L)
"if replaced and left pump on shelf at home I’d need it" Oh, yeah -- you can count on that, ha-ha!

Thanks for the heads up and fix info!

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