Sprinter or Transit?


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Newer Powerstrokes are not even close as problematic as the old ones although they still have their issues... If you want reliable, get a Cummins.:)


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The 7.3l Powerstrokes are still being famous even production ended almost 20 years ago.
Still fellow forum member took his 7.3 Ford for long vacations and had to drive 1500 miles home on 7 cylinders as injector failed.
Anyway, it is typical that we always remember as better- something we don't have.
I did replace number of sensors and orings on 7.3l powerstrokes, when only 1 sensor on this MB and other sensor on other MB.
Bringing me to conclusion that the only difference is in the perception.
3 failed sensors on Ford are normal, but single sensor failure on MB is subject to government report and voting for recall.
The same with comfort - kicking the door closed on Ford or Nissan, or Chevy is totally normal, but when you need 3 fingers to close Mercedes door- you run for warranty repair.
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Talking about AWD... Many moons ago I was working in Krakow, Poland in the trucking company, where we were using Check trucks Tatra as a "balast tractors" - trucks with concrete block attached to the frame behind the cab for better traction. They were used to pull heavy trailers, equipped with 4 axles, 8 wheels per axle. Tatras were truly 6WD, with lockable 3 axles and all differs. One day they bought Russian KrAZ to do the same job. Proud driver washed it in freezing temperature and... when he finished he couldn't move it. 3 wheels, one on each axle, were spinning, but other three where solidly frozen to the flat, concrete place he was at. I am not sure now if he just didn't know how to lock the differentials, or that truck didn't have that option, but then we thought it didn't have it and everybody were laughing at that "military grade Russian vehicle, which is stuck on flat, concrete place.
Thought you might enjoy this, 6x6 Tartra-815 vs 6x6 ZIL-157 offroading:

(rode in the back of ZIL-157 many times)


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Well that was fun & I bet the guys got some kicks out of that!
As for the video itself, it again demonstrates the vulnerability of the high centering risks with the Tatra and to some extent the Pinzgauer with its unique final drive design.
As far that Zil is concerned, its simply a copy of WW2 trucks but they work well in muddy conditions & LOVE to guzzle gasoline (petrol) & often I used to make jokes that these old Russian trucks guzzle gasoline like the guys do with Vodka!
Or in Poland like Slivovitz, (Hmm I am remembering celebrating my 25th birthday in Warsaw doing big truck support & training for a Brit manufacturer & local engine production with Leyland Pezetal, Enough mentioned about that experience !!!

Again (for me at least and referring to a previous post) if i was involved in a logging or mining operation in sub Sahara Africa Kamaz would be one of my top picks .


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Back in 2015 I was all set to get an AWD Sprinter for my campervan conversion but veered away after research on this forum and talking to acquaintances who had significant Sprinter experience.

Transverse sleeping with insulated walls despite my 6’3” height was one reason...flares seemed like a band aid solution to anyone consciously rejecting a fiberglass camper. People overlook transmission reliabilty and performance—the Ford 6 spd was clear winner vs the 5 spd Merc w/ the V6 AWD back then. I signed up early for Quadvan 4x4 and liked the options (lockers or geared LSD) a Ford diff offers unlike Mercedes. Coil front end. Etc. This thread has covered Ford advantages I won’t bother repeating.

but let‘s face it, there are psychological aspects to our purchases esp in a vehicle that takes one to some very remote areas. Back then I was scared off by the Sprinter threads discussing Mercedes accusing US owners of running diesel above 5% bio content to deny warranty coverage (I suspect that’s why ford put a huge B20 emblem on the rear door) and mysterious problems resulting from DEF levels and fill frequency and you name it (DEF has been mostly a non issue in transit diesel forum discussion). Or a good friend whose Sprinter engine marooned him in rural Idaho and a tow to a dealer who didn’t have any mechanics truly qualified to fix it...that fiasco took 3 weeks to fix on a van with 10k miles.

The small wheel wells on the transit are frustrating to say the least. it’s an easy mod to get the Ford rear shock hanger ground clearance to an acceptable level, but irritating nonetheless.

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