SoCal E trek friends


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I am looking to get a roadtrek e-trek for my young family of 5. I have been looking to rent one locally before buying. Anyone in the soCal area interested in a short over night rental? We are in del mar but will to drive to meet-up.
Also would love to hear stories if other families of 5 have made the E-trek work.


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I am not in soCal, so can't help you with a short term rental.

You should know that the rear bench seat is a very rough ride and is OK for short distances, but I would not want to travel more than 1-2 hours back there. While the rear bench does have seat belts anchored properly, there are no headrests and the clearance to the back doors is very short.

There is a known issue with the seat belts on the second row captains chairs because they are anchored to the seats vs the floor. If these seating issues are a concern to you, the E-Trek won't work well for a family of 5 for any extensive travel. We use all 7 seats for short excursions to trailheads or tailgating.

Not sure how 5 people would sleep. I assume it would include taking along a tent for expansion space. On a rainy day it gets cozy with just 2 adults inside.

Other than these questions I would expect that an E-Trek would work well if you used it within it's design constraints.

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