2019 Sprinter Seats on a NCV3 Sprinter?


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I'm about to purchase a set of front seats (Driver and Passenger) from a 2019 Sprinter and put on my 2007 Dodge Sprinter.

Does anyone happen to know if they will fit the NCV3 Sprinter seat base? I'm not worried about getting the airbags to work

Don't mind a little modification, but was hoping the 4 main bolt holes would line up.

Many Thanks!

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As nobody has answered...

I doubt that the dimensions stayed the same. That doesn't seem to be the Mercedes method. Seat base dimensions changed for NCV3 vs T1N.

You might post in the VS30 section and ask for the bolt hole measurements.

It may not take much to fab a couple pieces of flat stock to adapt the mounting. I recall where some owners used a swivel to adapt seat mounts. A swivel base may be large enough to allow different holes to be aligned/drilled.


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