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So - no real pictures yet as I don't have the bed supports back yet from the powder-coater, but I went with the extended flare on the driver's side and the regular one on the passenger. I debated about doing the window in the driver's side and ultimately decided not to, but now I'm having second thoughts. I did contact Flarespace about me cutting a window in after the fact and they said I shouldn't do it, that their flares are pre-formed for windows and because of the shape of mine, it wouldn't work. Oh well.

I'm 6'2" and have about 78" at the widest part of the flares. I bought a queen mattress and will cut it to fit. I did buy the regular flares - I just thought is was crazy to have such a big flare and not make the most use of it. I had my bed supports built as 8" high with a lip where my 1" aluminum bed frames will sit. I will be around 6" or so above the bottom lip of the flare with the mattress hanging over (I didn't want the bed frame to extend too far into the flare as I thought it would be hard to remove them). Not sure if this was a good plan or not. I'll see when the supports and mattress arrive. I figure I can always stuff something under the mattress if needed for support. I planned all of this out so I could get around 38" of space under the bed for bikes. Without bikes, it would be easy to basically build the bed frame that same way they do at Flarespace. Hope that helps, I'll be posting pictures next week.
End up getting any pictures of all this put together? I'm in the same boat of wanting sideways sleep AND room for bikes underneath. Just curious what you ended up doing with the deadspace in the flare under neath the mattress.


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Here it is. Worked great on a 2.5 week trip out West. We put bikes on one pull out tray and water, toilet, etc. on the other. I put some airplane track under the bed frame and put some hooks on it for hanging helmets, etc. It's a good system, but not perfect. The Travois bed is great, but takes up the entire middle of the van. My son doesn't love the "mattress" on it, so we bought him a topper mattress. So - every morning, we had to take his bed apart, throw it up on my bed (with all the window shades - make sure they are dry before you fold them up) and fold his bed up. I'm currently trying to figure out how to get the bikes out of the van so we have more storage. Thinking the Owl setup (we have their tire / ladder carrier on the drivers side now) with 1Up trays. We also have a ton of fishing stuff (waders, boots, etc.) that we use and have to hang to dry each night. It's a work in progress, that's for sure.


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