Nvc3 codes P16cc00 & P190100 help decipher


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I have a '17 Sprinter 170 diesel. It went into momentary limp mode driving on blue ridge parkway. I let it sit for a few minutes and it was working fine. Then I noticed that I wasn't getting enough power up hills and got air sensor dirty. Sure enough air filter was very dirty so I replaced it with a new one. A good amount of power came back but still it feels a bit sluggish on hills. It drives fine other wise and can hit high speeds no problem.

The gas milage also seema to be lower by about 1-2mpg. Before I was hitting 17-18 now only seeing 16- mid 16.

I got a icarsoft to check codes (I'm still new) and got 2 codes that seem troubling. There is no visible error displayed by the car now or CE light.

P190100 component y74 pressure regulating valve has an internal error.

P161300 the signal line of component B28/19 intake manifold pressure sensor has a short to ground.

Any help or direction of what I might have to deal with or how to fix is appreciated!


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