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I'm sure this has been asked before, just can't find where.

  • I've generally been looking to get a T1N, but they're pretty pricey in my region, BC,Canada.
    There's an '08 available locally, not in great shape, but price appropriate to it's needs... that's pretty much how I like to buy my vehicles,, a build-up project, once I fix it, I know what I've got. far, I understand....
  • there's perhaps ~10% MPG loss for the Ncv3's,
  • some have suggested that NCV3's can bring a quieter ride.
  • has something of a nicer setup, more creature comforts
    NCV3's have potentially better AC?

  • Downsides of NCV3's?.... Is there more beyond the DPF nightmare that I should be wary of?
  • ........ Do the NVC3's have a similar issue as 'black death' on the T1N's?

    The vehicle I'm looking at, a 2008 6cyl, it's DPF system is down, and definitely in trouble. The best they can do is limp mode.
    I'm wondering,, if I proceed with doing the DPF delete, can I end up with a good reliable, 'keeper'? .....or is there other primary pitfalls to be wary of with this vintage.
    ...... I should note, I'm in Canada. Legally, I believe doing the delete is less of a legal issue. That said, I'm also concerned of environmental issues. I have the feeling that the DPF, actually causes poorer mileage esp ecially as it ages,. Done right,, a DPF delete, alongside proper maintenance,, I should be able to improve both mileage and emissions? ....kinda ironic if the emission control system makes for the opposite result in it's complexity,, at least as it ages. ......Is my impression correct? <;~\

    Thanks, in advance for any other insights of comparison that anyone might share. <;~]

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