Coach Speakers Inoperative


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The speakers in the coach of our 2005 Plateau TS have all suddenly stopped working. I get sound from the TV speakers when I pull the 1/8" phono plug out of the TV, so that makes me think there's an external amplifier somewhere that isn't getting signal or isn't getting power. Any thoughts or clues would be most welcome.

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In my 04 plateau there is a regular car stereo amplifier that drives the rear speakers. There is a current sensing switch, which is a black box that fits in your hand, that is supposed to sense the current going to the TV and tell the amplifier to turn on. Take a meter to the amplifier first to see if it has power, and if not check the fuse. If it has power but won't come on it's probably the current sensing switch. I bypassed my switch with a manual 12v rocker switch, since I got rid of my tv and replaced it with a monitor.

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