2017 Agile Li Batteries not Charging


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I have been having trouble off and on regarding Li batteries recharging, and currently inadvertently left the eco trek switches on with no cord plugged in. So the inverter ended up draining the batteries completely. Now the batteries with the engine running or a 15 amp cord plugged in shows 9.5-10.5 volts, with no improvement all day.
The charger appears to be attempting to charge at 14 v but gets nothing done. I know that both the engine generator and ground charger can't both be failed, so I assume the batteries are the problem. Is there any kind of reboot possible or am I going to have to get new batteries? Very disappointed with this setup as it seems more touchy than just having AGMs. The dealer typically runs about 2 months behind on appointments and supposedly checked the system in March and said it was all charging properly.
I've had the same issue, I wished that it was the older set up of two AGMs and direct charge from the UHG to them. Not sure why RT decided to go with this unreliable set up just before they went bankrupt. I need to take it to a local shop to likely replace the bad UHG/regulator which will probably run me several thousand. I would like however, to get rid of the voltstart altogether and get it wired directly from the UHG to Lithiums; also remove the underhood AGM.
BTW charge up the AGM under the hood using a charger overnight to bring up the voltage above somewhere around 12.5 then it will be able to turn on the regulator to allow the UHG to start changing it. I know, this whole system is POS.

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