Weird horn, radio, volume control issue


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I have a 2012 air stream interstate 3500 (2011 MB sprinter) that has some sort of electrical issue I think. So the radio/navigation system doesn't turn on UNLESS I have the house batteries for the RV on, then it works fine. However when it is on and working the volume controls on the steering wheel do not work. Along with that the horn has stopped working. All other buttons on the steering wheel work fine (menu navigation, etc) so I wouldn't think it would the the clockspring but I'm not sure. I read that the relays can often control many things, so I replaced the R1 Horn relay, not no avail. I have checked all fuses under the dash and under the from seat and all are ok.

Finally, and I'm not sure this is connected or not (tend to think not), the AC has decided to work and not work sporadically. Everything blows fine, just no cold air SOMETIMES. I've seen other thread on this, so my main concern is the horn/radio issue.


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