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Peter Tourin

2012 LTV Unity MB
We got levelers on our new RL but had a problem at delivery. When the dealer did the pre-delivery inspection they found a small leak in one of the hoses. They replaced the hose and then found that the levelers wouldnʻt work at all - bad solenoid. Since they didnʻt have one in stock, we left with the levelers not working and asked the dealer to drop ship the solenoid to Nashville.

So at present the systems isnʻt working, and the panel is behaving oddly. Power LED is on, all 4 leveler LEDs are flashing. I hit the power button to power the system down and I got a constant beep saying that the handbrake needed to be engaged. I engaged the brake, and then I could power down the panel. But- when I release the handbrake, I get the constant beeping again. Thatʻs a problem - I donʻt want to be driving for the next week with the system beeping, and I canʻt find any sequence that lets me power down the panel. Any suggestions? Fuse to pull, etc?


2015 LTV IB: 2015 3500 V6
Try auto retract.

There is a pressure switch that detects loss of pressure.

on mine any start-related beeping quits after a while, yours may be different.

If it keeps beeping, you likely will want to call them (LTV) and have a discussion on which fuse to pull.

Peter Tourin

2012 LTV Unity MB
Thanks to you both. My brake switch connections must be good - when I hit the power button to turn the panel off, the beeps start and I get the Engage Brake light - if I pull the handbrake on, the beeps stop and all indicator lights go out. So the brake switch is working. BUT - when I release the brake to drive away, the indicators and beeps start again, even though it looked like everything was powered down. Iʻll give it a minute or so and see if the beeps stop, then call the dealer.


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Call Equalizer Systems, they have excellent customer support and service, they will walk you through troubleshooting steps.

Mike DZ

2016 View 24V (2015 3500)
If all else fails, disconnect the power cable from your battery, after ensuring your cylinders are up.

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