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Laugh if you must but I really miss taking a bath while out on the road. Love the shower in my LTV 2015.5 TB but it is just not the same. Toyed with the idea of taking out one of the twin beds and installing a bathtub but the logistics are just too great and I would tank the resale value. Lucky for me, portable bath tubs have become a big thing since it is now popular to take icebaths. With this project comes three problems: Location, hot water, and drainage. LOCATION: Placing the tub outside is a possibility but only under limited circumstances. Inside the RV, I don't want to put the portable tub in the shower because of the combined weight and it would be hard to get in and out of it. The circumference of the tub is 31" but it can be tweaked to fit in a slightly smaller area. While I haven't yet measured the space between the shower and toilet, I was thinking it could go there or perhaps in the open area of the kitchen. QUESTION: Do you think one inside area is better in terms of the underbuild to support the weight of an adult and approximately 10 gallons of water? HOT WATER: If used inside, I think the 6 gal. hot water heater (for 2015.5 they went back to the conventional water heater for that one year build) would work since the hot water that comes out of my faucet is very, very hot. If the tub is placed just outside the shower, I could use the showerhead to fill the tub. If it is placed in the kitchen I would need a hose from the kitchn sink faucet to the tub. But if I use it outside or if the Unity's hotwater heater is not enough, I would need a heat source and am considering an immersible hot water heater. Amazon sells cheaper ones but I'm concerned about safety and the pictured one is probably my safest option. In the Q&A section on Amazon, someone opined that it would draw between 8 and 9 amps of power. QUESTION: Presuming standard safety practices are used, what do you see to be the biggest drawback to using an immersible hot water heater in an RV? DRAINAGE: The portable tub comes with a bottom drain plug and a side drain. If used near the shower, I could drain it into the shower. If used in the kitchen, I could drain it in the sink but would probably prefer to drain it back to the shower. Either way, I am taking up 1/3 of the grey tank with one bath but I can live with that. I am concerned about draining water uphill which would be the case in either location inside the RV. Am considering a battery operated "bilge" pump or a siphon with tubing. QUESTION: What challenges do you see with drainage and do you have any suggestions in this regard? Also, if I use the siphon with tubing option, should I try to connect it to the built in drain on the tub's exterior? I know this will sound trivial to some but RVing is about quality of life and for me, that includes a soak in a hot tub. I value your opinions and while I thought about posting this on the LTV FaceBook page, I think this is a more serious forum with more thoughtful and informed responses. Thanks and hope to see you on the road! Mary Quaid



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I think you meant 31" diameter - not circumference. 31" circumference is about 10 inches in diameter. Bet you can't fit in that. :)

31" diameter = 15.5 inches radius.
Volume = pi X r squared X height

V= 3.14 X 240.25 X 18 inches deep = 13,579 cubic inches (assuming only 18 inches deep)

1 cubic inch of water weighs 0.036126842 pounds

So 13,579 cubic inches X 0.036126842 pounds = 490 pounds

I doubt the floor will handle that much weight even before you get in it.


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That's a lot of water, too. If RV2019's assumption of 18" is correct you're looking at about 60 gallons. Even half the depth is kind of impractical in an RV.


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Have you considered how slowly the spray heads flow? By the time you filled it deep enough to get in, the way would be cold! I suggest camping nearing a stream or lake to get your soaking in!


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Mary we know each other so don't take this personal. I think it is a bad idea. I had a similar forum discussion with someone using a portable blow up hot tub out in California he purchased at Walmart. This was at a time of state wide drought and critical water shortages. State parks were limited or closed due to lack of water if you remember. Then he mentioned to me that he could easily travel up to Oregon SPs and fill it up there. What a selfish idea. It is an enormous waste of water for a private or public campground. This is an idea that if allowed or becomes popular could be prohibited or drive up campsite rates. If you have seen RV parks that meter electricity, now they'll have no choice but to meter & surcharge for water. Sorry Mary, I vote no on this idea.


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David, I so value your opinion and certainly will take your comments to heart. Thanks for chiming in! Perhaps I’ll limit my antics close to home. Hope to see y’all soon!


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We love you and Mia. Hoping to RV together ahead but not likely soon enough due to Covid. Travel Safe

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