Blower motor not turning squirrel cage fan


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I'm having some issues with my AC/Heater fan. I just replaced the resistor with a new one, and the fan wouldn't blow. I decided to reach in to the fan housing and turn the squirrel cage (with the blower control on). When I did this, I was surprised to find the motor was spinning, and if I turn the fan clockwise to a certain point, it will start spinning. ...It won't stay spinning though. From this, it seems the motor is working just fine, but it's not engaging with the fan. Any ideas?

...I want to clarify that when I was in Mexico, some mice somehow got in there and started to build a nest on top of the blower filter. Some of this stuff may have been sucked in to the blower, but it seems to be free of debris now, and everything turns freely. -The fan just doesn't turn with the motor.


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Pull it and bench test it. Perhaps some epoxy will fix it?

Otherwise, blower motors are pretty cheap. Just replace it and drive on.
Where are you located?


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Where are you located?
Portland, OR

Thanks for all the advice and links. You guys are all rock stars! ...In fact, I have pictured you all with long hair and tights, as part of a Swedish hair band.

I'll take the motor/blower out today, and will report back. Rock on!


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If the fan's hub is accessible, you could pull it off the shaft, drill and tap it, then put back on the shaft with a set-screw holding it down. (a dot of Locktite would help).
Or, pull it off, put some epoxy in the hole, press it back on. Let it cure.

If it has been slipping for a while, the hole may have worn to an off-kilter shape.
Assess (and may require careful positioning while the epoxy cures)



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Dick - Thanks for the suggestion.

I removed the motor & fan assembly, and left it connected to the wiring harness. My initial inspection revealed there was no problem with the connection between the fan and motor, but it had the same symptom when I turned the fan on again - It was trying to spin, but only got going when I helped it with a manual push.

I noticed there was some cloth strips stuck in the fan blades from the mouse that got in there. You may be wondering how a mouse could get in there, and this is how: When I park my van in Mexico, I leave the hood open - partly because I keep a trickle charger hooked up to the battery, and partly because I've had issues with mice in my other vehicles, and I know that they're way less likely to establish a nest in the engine compartment when the hood is up. Well, that plan failed, and leaving the hood open also provides a clear pathway to a perfect mouse cave; through the fan, and over to the top of the cabin filter. I digress.

I figured if I could see debris, the best way to get it out would be to turn it upside-down, so I tapped it on the concrete, and a bunch of small pieces of dirt & crap came out. I reinstalled it, and it works great now! Lesson(s) learned.

Thank you guys so much for your advice. You may continue rocking now!


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...I want to also comment on removing and reinstalling the resistor. My van has the older oval-type plastic housing for the resistor and wire harness connections. These are a little different than the standard resistor housing - they are held in by two screws - on on the front-right, and one on the back-left. The one on the right was pretty tough to remove, but the one on the back was a real emeffer. It literally took me hours to remove that one, tiny screw. Because of the difficulty, I've decided to permanently leave that screw out, in case I have to work on it in the future. One screw is enough to hold it in.

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... Because of the difficulty, I've decided to permanently leave that screw out, in case I have to work on it in the future. One screw is enough to hold it in.
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