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Is there anything else besides the contact points that would fowl up doors not opening/ locking with the dash switch? One of the most frustrating things, thinking you've unlocked the back doors, head to the back ...and locked. Second try - nope. That's alot of walking!
Creature of habit, I prefer to leave keys in the ignition. Still don't know how this actually works - it is a puff of air that triggers this whole system?


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I believe pushing the rear side of the rocker twice will usually do the trick. First push usually locks all doors for me. The design has some flaws


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The wires behind the contact pins can fall off their push-on pins, the wires can fray from vibration and fall off the still-attached pins.
That's two ways.
Does the sliding door unlock?

MB' sensing switches only really care about "locked", so you wouldn't get warnings up front if the unlock didn't happen.

added: BrennWagen is correct that, if any door is unlocked when the button is pressed, the first thing they all do is *lock*.
Watch your driver's (or passenger's) door when you press the button ... if it pulled in, it locked.

Try using your key fob's Unlock button (twice) to trigger the unlock ... if that's successful, the wiring is NOT at fault.
User error education.

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White Whale: I had a Golf with air-actuated door locks, but the T1N actuators are little electric motors mounted in the door. The brass pins on the rear door carry electrical pulses to the motor, locking/unlocking the latch. There is also a “locked” sense switch in the actuator, and a “closed” sense switch in the latch. These all connect back to the Central Timer Module under the driver’s seat.
As others have replied, the door wiring is known to fail, and pulling the pin carriers out for inspection isn’t a bad idea... I found several broken wires on mine when I first bought my van.



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didn't know you could pull those tabs out. Another project.
Other habit I need to break - I open my door first and then I hit the button. Yes , always have to push the button twice. The back doors usually make a nice clunk to confirm. FOB died on the operating table.


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If all the doors lock and unlock then 2nd press within 10 seconds it locks-unlocks-locks then you have a bad contact switch somewhere. Usually its on the slider as in the pic above or the the passenger side rear pillar for the barn doors

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