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Hi I bought an '05 sprinter, turns out it needs a bit of power steering fluid. I found some pretty old looking PSF in my garage. I can't find any info on whether this particular PSF is fine for a sprinter though. If it is, can I just add it to whatever PSF is already in there? or do I need to flush it first?

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No problem. It is light hydraulic oil.

Over the years the NAS aka NAFTA T1N Operator Manuals have mentioned Mercedes spec., Synthetic ATFIII, ATF+4, and other power steering fluid substitutes.

Years ago I sucked out the 2004 reservoir and filled with Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak as a preventative measure. Still running. 335,000+ miles on the clock.

Some info is here.

Some will say not to use your old junk. Light hydraulic oil aka fluid is not the same as hydraulic brake fluid. It doesn't deteriorate over time while stored.

If your PS system is leaking you might consider using Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak as I did.

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Since whatever's in there is 15 years old, I would suck out as much of it as I could get using a turkey baster, fill it up, drive it for a day or two and then suck it all out again and refill with *fresh* fluid - Not the old stuff you've had laying around for who knows how long

When I bought our '06, the first thing I did was to change every fluid for new - Anti-freeze, engine oil, transmission, differential and brake fluid. But, now I realize that I missed the power steering!! One more project to add to the list . . . . thank you!


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