How to add water to your tank from an external water container using the winterize feature...


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OK, as you've all told me... I'm going to whack this stuff but leave the post (since I can't delete it!) That way is someone equally dumb comes along they'll find this both useful and amusing...

Don't do any of this stuff (read the replies first for an even easier solution...

1. Purchase a 3/4" male hose thread to 1/2" male pipe thread adapter (see picture).
2. Turn off the water pump.
3. Remove the outdoor shower head from the hose and screw the 1/2" thread there. Be sure not to lose the black rubber washer...
4. Connect the male hose adapter to city water inlet (orange).
5. Clean the winterize tubing that attaches to your rig below the winterize knob.
6. Place cleaned tubing into your water container.
7. Turn winterize knob to the "winterize" position.
8. Turn the normal/city water switch to the fill position (knobs in the photo below are the exact wrong position!).
9. Turn on the water pump.
10. Open the shower cold knob all the way.
11. Listen for water running into your tank.
12. Put it all back together correctly not forgetting to turn the winterize knob back to normal and the fill back to Normal/City water.

Took about 4 minutes to move seven gallons of water from my storage container into the tank.



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I don't understand why you had to do this. Doesn't your "winterize" feature already pull water into your fresh water tank? From your description it looks like you are pumping water into your fresh water tank and then just circulating the water out of the fresh water tank to the shower hose and back into the fresh water tank???
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I have a 2015.5 Unity TB so it may be different. Just last week I added water to my rv tank from gallon jugs without any additional equipment.
Set to winterize
Place existing hose in jug
Move lever to tank fill
Turn on pump.
Sorry no pictures
I have a 2020 Unity FX and have added fresh water just using the winterize hose and turning on the water pump. No need for all of the other stuff. Maybe the 2018 Wonder is different???


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The Unity manual outlines the procedure to fill the water tank from an external water container. I would think the Wonder manual includes this procedure as well.
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You people are making it way too hard. When I need to add fresh water from a jug I find a convenient ramp and flip the RV over on its roof. Then I can pour it right in the overflow tube. Works like a charm.


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You people are making it way too hard. When I need to add fresh water from a jug I find a convenient ramp and flip the RV over on its roof. Then I can pour it right in the overflow tube. Works like a charm.
If you could provide pictures I just might be tempted to give it a try!


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OK, OK! I did read the manual. A number of years ago. And I missed that part. You have no idea how bad I would like to delete this thread...

And thanks Tampa. I've running out to give that a try. Before I found my solution I had a heavy duty pump to put water back into the drain port on my tank. That was tough because I had to crawl under there and put a hose clamp on the 1.5" plastic tubing and the swimming pool drain pump that I had. Lots of stuff to carry around.

Oh, I hate when I think I'm being clever and you guys beat me relentlessly! Even when I deserve it...

Nothing to see here. Move along. Back to your regularly scheduled ranting and raving...


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No reason to beat up Klipstr -- a great contributor to this forum. The only fault was impatience. My experience is to let a question sit on this forum for a day or two and the forum geniuses will give you the best answer.


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I'm not a regular here but from what I can see Klipstr is invariably on the advising end of things which makes this all the more humorous. I feel his pain as I know on occasion I have also been surprised to learn that my latest "Rube Goldberg" invention actually does not do anything beyond the obvious functionality already available. Speaking of which, I was a bit young for Rube Goldberg but I had an elderly uncle that was a big fan. In honor of Rube I propose that this thread be added to daily so that it remains #1 on the board for years.


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Thanks all. I agree with TampaSteve. Let's let it live in infamy! Maybe not quite that severely though...

Oh, and I can take as good as I can give! Don't get me started on correcting all ya'lls grammar and such...

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