Sound deadening

The engine /exhaust in my 2005 313 CDI is pretty noisy, might be a slight leak somewhere. Has anyone used Dynamat Xtreme to deaden sound. Thinking I could lift the plastic moulded front floor, lay the Dynamat then put floor back down.
Anyone else dealt with noise in their Sprinter.
Reminds myself of a noise from my first vehicle, a noisy bearing in the manual gearbox in my XB Falcon ute.
As I couldn't afford to fix it, the mechanic advised myself to turn the radio up. If that didn't work, then get a better radio.
Sooner than later, I had to replace the gearbox. Something the new stereo didn't fix.


Some Info Here:

And Here:

Let us know what you do and its success.

The point I was trying to make, if the excessive noise is from a mechanical fault, such as a leak in the exhaust.
Fix the exhaust leak first, before hiding the noise.


On my T1N, The bracket that is welded to the exhaust below the drivers seat pulled away from the pipe taking a chunk of pipe with it, I have oxy welded it back in place and will re design a strap support when I get home. This may have happened to yours John.

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