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2010 SWB low roof van, with 1 sliding door. Keen to hear what options there might be for mounting water tanks that others have found successful?
I’d look to get a pump onto it to get water to a hose at the sliding door.

I saw the thread on the atlas underbody tanks, but they are for MWB vans. I’ve had experience mid-ordering MWB components for my SWB van before...

Thanks in advance!


From memory our Grey Water Tank is an Atlas tank, they can make them to your design, as was ours ( ie dimensions, inlet/outlet /drain holes and screw in fittings)
Hi - as per Peter's post, you can get them made up - first step is to get under the van and measure up ... I went for off the shelf ones (usually cheaper) - have a look on the caravans plus site (there's heaps of options)

Mine is a different van to yours but...

I've got one of these where the spare tyre used to be

And I've got 2 of these. One on the driver's side under the sliding door (without a sliding door step there should be even more room)...and then I've got another one on the passenger side behind the fuel tank for grey water

(cheapest way would probably be to see how many of the modular ones you could fit in various places)

The modular tanks could have the benefit of better handling when cornering and braking without the weight of one large quantity of water swishing from one side of the tank to the other side. Large tanks should have internal baffles to reduce this undesirable effect.

The same principle applies to mounting wet cell batteries in a vehicle.


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Some great advice so far thank you!

For some reason I kept going back to “what’s the one biggest tank I can fit” but having it modular actually makes a lot of sense. I’m not going to be 4x4ing with it either so it doesn’t have to be indestructible lime everything else I build haha


The 3 tanks in our caravan and the Tank in our Sprinter ( not the Grey water tank) all have thin Gal sheeting on 3 sides as protection but not the ends. The Grey Water Tank from Atlas is heavy plastic so I did not bother.


I was able to fit 2 of the Caravan Plus 43ltr tanks in the space underneath the RHS of my MWB, you may need to offset the exhaust to get clearance. 👍🏼


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Ok so I’ve got a 43L modular tank on the way, goal is to try it in a couple of locations; can always add more if it fits.

I am wondering on the best way to feed the water line up into the cab?
Bit different for me with 2 sliding doors but all my 12 volts and plumbing runs through the back wall of the step. Considering you want a hose at your sliding door ... then back of the step sounds good for you too
Here's a pic of the water pump on the drivers side step (under the shower cubicle).

Maybe this is of interest... I recently put in a telescopic swivel tap in the passenger sliding door step well...12v solenoid on that one so you just have to flick a switch to fill your billy or wash your feet

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