02-03 Rail Solenoid valve snapped in half


03 Sprinter. Person took the van and it stalled and wouldn't restart. I drove up and saw fuel dripping from the rear of the head. Towed the van back to the shop and pulled the rail solenoid. The solenoid nipple was completely severed from the solenoid body and stuck in rail. I was able to remove the broken solenoid piece from the rail with just my fingers, it wasn't stuck at all. Anyone ever come across this type of failure?61507039886__49106F11-8050-4768-A60E-DD42C70A1CDD.JPG
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It looks like there are two versions of the valve. Double check before ordering. Below from Europarts SD:

Annotation 2020-06-29 090300.jpg
Annotation 2020-06-29 090141.jpg


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I would guess damage from install or manufacturing defect. Resulting in fatigue failure. Any sign that the flanges have debris or nicks causing them to not seat? If it was off axis there could be cycling stress?


According to my vin I have the second version in the euro parts listing. Hopefully it will show up today. I was thinking of giving the motor a few cranks to push out any potential shavings before installing the new one.

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