New California Law: All vans must be electric by 2024


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Wouldn't be amazing if by some miracle this was possible?!

Imagine the sweet RV conversions!

Ok, back to reality with my darn AdBlue system.


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Despite the click-bait title, the actual deadlines are up to 20 years later:
Quoting the article:
"Under guidelines approved Thursday, at least 40 percent of the tractor trailers sold in California would have to be powered by some form of zero-emissions technology by 2024. Medium-duty trucks, such as the Ford F-250 or Chevrolet Silverado HD, would be required to switch over 55 percent of their sales by 2035; and 75 percent of delivery trucks and vans would have to use zero-emissions powertrain technology by 2035 "
and: " mandate zero-emission trucks by 2045, "

As the HOA (home owners association) thread is busy discussing: "what's a van?"
(my Sprinter is (to the state of Washington and US Customs) a passenger vehicle: i.e. a station wagon)



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The switchover to electric will take some time, mainly because some major infrastructure decisions need to be made by groupthink, rather than pure logic. But E vehicles will be replacing infernal combustion in the next decade or so, at an ever increasing rate.
I am pretty sure I have bought my last IC vehicle. But I keep my stuff for a very lloonngg time.


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I'd love to convert my T1n to electric.
One thing to remember here is the number of batteries, we only have so many. For every truck on the road, that is one less car. Every truck needs batteries and batteries are the limiting factor of electric vehicle production.
However. That makes sense. While a passenger car often goes 25 miles in a day, work vans travel hundreds.
Last time I was in CA, I noticed the amount of vans with company names, ladders, and so on driving the freeways. During the day, work trucks outnumber cars.
But the state mandating such in a short time creates issues. Yet, it is I who lamented that Tesla is busy designing a Pickup instead of a van.
During WWII, we managed to pump out airplane and tanks by the thousands in very short order. All of those planes were designed prior to the war. Items designed during the war came out at the end of the war and were mostly obsolete from the start. Such as jet aircraft.
CA or OR had a law banning older trucks from the highway. Ticked off lots of truck owners. I don't know if the truckers just went away or if the law was fixed.


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Gonna suck to get stuck somewhere when it gets windy and they turn off the chargers:thud:

Are electric fire trucks and ambulances a thing?


Is LPG considered zero emissions in CA?
If so, ICE is still an option, although electric charging infrastructure is growing much faster than propane. Large fleets can and do have their own propane infrastructure, however.
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Is LPG considered zero emissions in CA?
I would hope not (just like CNG, it still burns a hydrocarbon to yield CO2).

But the other ICE answer is "hydrogen"

--dick (although current industrial hydrogen production methods emit lots of CO2)

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