Would anyone be interested in projector headlamps?


2004 Ex-RAAF Ambo 316 CDI, 5 Speed, ZG3
I'd like to order the flares as well.

Timing is important to me because I am considering cutting more bodywork


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I have production and shipping logistics complete, just need to determine payment and price point. I should have an update here in the coming week.
Hey Toast, how's this project going? I'm still very interested.


Made my old van look new again with these custom retrofitted HID headlights. Install only took 30 minutes, didn't even have to take the bumper off which is great.

I know plenty of T1N owners just opt to throw LED bulbs in their stock headlight housings, but this blows the light output of those out of the water, check the fourth picture. The light casts significantly further and won't blind oncoming traffic. The lenses are also clear which looks incredibly sleek and modern compared to the USDM textured housings.

Would anyone be interested in purchasing a set? They are entirely plug and play, made with genuine DEPO housings, with all bulbs already installed. Simply unplug your stock housings and plug these in, adjust the vertical and horizontals to your liking with the knobs, and you're golden. You could even recoup some money by selling your stock lights afterwards.

I have talked to my business partner who built them and he is willing to make more sets for us to sell. I am looking to gauge interest before determining a price and setting up an online shop.

Let me know your thoughts, I have cross-posted this to the Sprinter Van Owners T1N (1994-2006) Tips N Advice Facebook group where there is more discussion, you can reach me there as well.

Your post was awhile back and I didn’t see it but I just bought a set of these from a guy named Joe online brand new. About 700$ or something. I’m installing today.

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