Alignment near Portland Oregon?


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Anybody have any recommendations for front end alignments near Portland Oregon? I know there’s a Mercedes dealer ship just south that sells sprinters but older online reviews for mechanical work are horrible.



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I have no clue but suggest locating a facility equipped with alignment apparatus programmed with Mercedes Benz latest software which, is my understanding, revised three times in the last five years.

Ask for a print-out after conclusion. Make certain it's agreed prior to alignment, all alignment specs will be in the green and don't let them flimflam you otherwise.

Accurate alignments take time. Many shops I suspect will only ajust toe-in.


Video not Sprinter specific but excellent familiarization.

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"Many shops I suspect will only ajust toe-in. " (sic)

Bob? Quoth the 2003 service manual: "NOTE: Camber and Caster are not adjustable on this vehicle. (TOE ONLY)."

(page 2-17)

((i do know that some people use camber shims ... but they're not dealers))



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I used Les Schwab in Newberg, Oregon. I suppose they all have the same abilities, they were able to help identify that my tires only needed to be rotated and the alignment was still good. They gave me the printout to verify what they found, once the tires were rotated, my vibration went away. and they only charged me $39. For reference, I have a 2017 170 2 wheel drive.

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