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If you are interested in buying something or have something to sale here, why don't you take the time to fill out your profile as suggested with YOUR location?? Your price range, if you're looking for something, and a price if you have something to sale.

As a sign of respect to others if nothing more.
Some of us have been here for a decade and more, and have often stated our location and model years, enough that where we come from and what we are driving should be common knowledge to anyone.

I try to restate my model year and location most of the time, but will try to add that to every post for those that are relatively new here

Live and learn.

This forum continues to be invaluable to those who try to maintain these vans without relying upon the 'stealerships'.

That being said, I do order some parts from the local MB dealer, but servicing is left to independent Sprinter shops.

If I was still under any factory warrantees, I probably would go to the dealer. That is long gone in my case.


2015 3500 X long limo RV
I would compare the habits above to drivers who pass you on the freeway, only to cut in front of you and slow down.
What is really annoying that most of them don't even realize what they are doing. Their attention is going to lot of things, but not to driving.

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