Forest River Forester 2401 MBS on 2018 Sprinter engine no start.


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Although our unit is a Forest River, this issue is MB Sprinter and was repaired by a MB dealer under warranty. We had a problem restarting our unit after a drive with good up to operating temp run to our camp ground. Was always at least a 30 minute run time. When shutting off the engine then trying to restart, the engine would not start, the starter would not engage until 20-30 minute cool down. All the dash lights came on and no matter if neutral or park selected same start. tried all combinations of things with doors, spare keys, trans gear selector change. All resulted in no joy. When cooled for about 20-30 minutes it would restart like normal but when warmed up no start again. Took to dealer for repair and they changed the transmission valve body. I was told it contains a switch which senses gear selection to allow engine start in park. After work completed we have not experienced the same problem so we hope it is fixed.

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