Identifying source of coolant leak


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Hi all, I have a 2003 158" (OM 612 engine) and have recently discovered what looks like a coolant leak that's dripping from the engine down onto the front of the transmission. There's fluid accumulating on the cross-member and transmission, and I'm getting an intermittent low coolant warning. Putting 2-and-2 together, I gather it's a coolant leak. With the engine running, I can see a slow drip coming from above the starter motor and solenoid on the driver's side of the engine block, but can't quite figure out where it's coming from. Any ideas on where to look? I'm hoping there's a hose up there that I'm not seeing and that this isn't coming from the engine itself. Any pointers you can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

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Water/coolant can be blown around or otherwise travel along components to drip somewhere away from the original source. The pump seal can leak. That leak can be blown around. If you are in a road salt area there are steel hard lines for the coolant system which can rust though.

The G05 HOAT coolant has a tendency to leave a white trail after the coolant evaporates. The trail can sometimes give a clue. That said, it can also leave a spatter pattern which leaves little to trace back.



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If you can see a drip that's a good start. If you absolutely can't trace it back to the source then UV dye will tell all. You can get some and an inexpensive UV flashlight on Amazon.



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Happy to report I found the leak... with engine running, I can see a drip coming from a hose that looks to leave the auxiliary coolant pump and head through the fire wall (to the heater core, maybe?)... Will look into replacing that tomorrow. Thanks!

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