Is it best to wire SPOD under seat? (Aux led lighting controller)


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Hi all,

I'm looking at wiring an SPOD for my aux led lights. I've used SPODs on other 4x4 vehicles and they wire directly to the battery. However, the sprinter seems quite different. I do not have an AUX battery so I'm loooking at the starter battery. I've looked at the battery under the floor (2019 144" 4x4) and looked at the wiring under the driver seat. It seems like there are places to wire the SPOD but unsure where it would go. There appear to be FOUR large wires coming from the battery, two red / two black. I figure one of those is a good idea? (Upon further inspection this appears to be a busbar...?? I only see positive wires here. No ground.)

Has anyone attempted to do this and if so do you have some documentation? I couldn't find anything in my manuals. There are four wires and five terminals. Terminal 2 is empty. From right to left the number 1 - 5.


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I have attached two light system relays right in my battery box. Mine had extra spots on the terminals I could hook to with a post and a 10mm nut. Made it easy for me. Sorry I don't have any photos.


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I have the switch pro and I wired the cable straight to the starter battery with a MIDI fuse inline. It was the easiest given how many cables already exist within my pedestal with the switch pro unit located under the seat.


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