Can anyone tell me what colour this van is please


2012 Sprinter 3500 Ext
Do you have this van? If you do there should be a color code on the data plate. Is it a 2005 model?
Could be either Siler Grey or Stone Grey. According to the linked auto touch up paint site those colors were available on 2005 Sprinters.


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When you say "My van is White I’m looking for a respray colour" does that mean you want to
respray the entire Sprinter the same color ( In 2006 (and all other years) the basic Sprinter "white"
is Code 9147 Paint, arctic white MB 9147) or do you want to respray the entire Sprinter some other
Mercedes Color?
You may be able to do some searching and find the entire color spectrum available on your year model.
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Thanks Roger, I’m going to respray my van in a different colour and I like the colour of the van pictured hence my original question.


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I had my 2009 white wrapped in Nardo gray for less than half of what it was going to cost for a quality, exterior only paint job. I get compliments on it 2 years later. There are areas above the windshield and on the roof that the wrap has discoloration due to my parking spot. I'm in Southern California and my primary parking spot faces south, meaning if parked there her "forehead" gets sun baked from 9 am to dusk, year round. Other than that it's a good solution. I'm going to get that section redone soon. I should add that the guys who did it specialize in exotic vehicles and were not the right choice. If I had a do-over I would take it to folks whose business is wrapping vans. This was their first Sprinter and it took them 3 tries to get it right. The issue lies with the complex indents where windows would go. Ensuring the wrap adheres in these areas requires heating and rolling in some rather specific ways. There are youtube videos made by 3M. The best wrap materials are made by 3M and Avery. My van is wrapped with Avery in Nardo Gray. The cost you ask? $4400 with my company's website along each side and the back. That was without doing the roof. I added it though for another $400 and I had the aluminum wheels powder coated black which was another $600. If you go with a wrap, be sure to know your warranty period. Mine was 2 years. There will be lifting that needs to be rolled back down. "They" recommend the material be replaced every 5 years otherwise it can bond to the paint and become impossible to remove without damaging the paint in areas where it has baked on. We'll see. In other words, it's a medium term solution for a lower price. FYI, when I'm on this site I am mostly a "lurker" so I'll try to figure out how to add a picture or two. I'm going to see if this Attach files button does the trick. Cheers.IMG_20200718_175338767_HDR (1).jpg

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