air holes for fridge cabinet?


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You can do some testing pretty easily. Let the fridge run in the enclosure for a few hours, then compare the temperature at the fridges air intake to the ambient temperature in the vehicle. Its is significantly higher, you have your answer.


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Fundamentally a fridge is just a heat pump moving heat out of an enclosure. The greater the temperature differential inside to outside the more efficient the fridge will work and the less power it will use.

There are two issues; 1. insulate the heat from getting in. 2. get the heat away from the outside as best you can.

Think of the compressor as a fire and the best way to make it work efficiently is by convection, naturally heat rises so fan assist should just work with convection bringing the flow of air in low and out high.


from dometic: You will need to make sure that the compressor has at least two inches of space to be able to breath.
We recommend having some sort of open circulation around the cooler. If the cooler is sealed inside a cabinet, the air within the enclosure would heat up and cause the cooler to become less efficient.

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