New battery = no start


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I just replaced the battery on my 2006 and it it does not want to start. Originally I got errors for a bad MAF, instrument cluster and crankshaft sensor. After clearing the codes I only get the crank shaft and the instrument cluster coded. p0336 & u0423

The old batter was a flooded Interstate with 750 cold crank amps the new one is an interstate AGM 900 cold crank amps. It is the one recommended by interstate. Is is the wrong battery? I think someone mentioned crank sensor issues with the wrong battery. Before replacing the battery I had to jump start the van a couple of times.

Previously I had issues with the MAF. It turned out that the wire in engine harness was bad. I did a temporary fix by bypassing the bad section of the harness. Can it be a bad wire? Looks like the crank sensor is on the other side of the engine and and more protected.

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2004 140” SHC T1N 2500
Which scanner are you using, and are you able to watch live data while cranking?
A bad crank sensor will affect the engine rpm readout from the ECM (and the TCM via canbus data).
The crank should synchronize after two revolutions, using the cam sensor.
Low fuel rail pressure?
Key chip not reading? (“Start Error” displayed on dash)


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First thing in the morning it started easier than it ever started. Easier than my Subaru. This is the pressure I get 38020kPa.
I noticed that the hose on the fuel filter drain hose is broken. It shouldn’t cause this type of problem. Can it?



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Today didn’t want to start again. So I removed the crank sensor, the tip looks fine but it was full of rust flakes. Once, I cleaned the tip and contacts it started right away.
Hopefully this will do it and it is not the harness.



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The flakes are probably from the gears on the starter teeth winding. Happy to hear all it needed was a good cleaning 👍

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