Beware Mercedes Benz of Ft Mitchell KY


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Had my 2018 Siesta 24ST MB Sprinter "A" service done today: an oil change and general fluid & general inspection due at 20K mi (though I had it done early at 12.8k). Knew from blogs to expect a shock of $3-400, and was ok with that. When the bill arrived, it was $674.48, and listed the "A" service PLUS a $260 "fuel filter replacement". The paperwork FALSELY claimed that I had REQUESTED this replacement (as if anyone would request such a thing when the maintenance schedule doesn't call for it.) Not only did I request NOTHING but the "A" service, but even told them they could skip some of that regarding tire pressure, since I had a monitoring system and knew it was unnecessary. This organization would appear to believe that anyone who owns a Mercedes is "fair game". BEWARE: If you go here, make them sign before they start EXACTLY what you've requested and to perform nothing else. Anyone who would falsely claim a "customer request" for a $260 (!!) fuel filter is to be treated with maximum caution.

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