2016 Sprinter Crew 4WD 144" Question


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Hello, first time poster long time lurker. I live in a rural area with not a ton of options nearby when it comes to vehicles. I noticed a used a 4WD Sprinter come to a local dealership and I was wondering what a good price would be for vehicle below? It seems to me that they are pricing it high based on original MSRP but any help would be appreciated! Is there a price I should try to get it at if I decide to pull the trigger?

My goal is to convert slowly and there's been no conversion work so far. There is still a row of seats in the back that I may or may not remove.





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You should probably repost this in the NCV3 4x4 forum where the experts on this model hang out.
I have not been in the market for this model and therefore far from an expert but the price does not seem too far off from what I think I have seen before.
Ask yourself 2 questions:
- For the type of conversion you have in mind, is a crew van appropriate? There are windows but maybe too many. There are interior seats, coverings, and ducts that you may or may not want. For a full conversion many prefer a cargo van. But for a flexible -- I can also take it camping -- vehicle a crew van might be better.
- Do you really need 4x4? It adds a lot of cost but great when you need it. But do you need it for your type of camping?

A commercial vehicle that is 4 years old with relatively low milage gets me somewhat worried. There's a lot of odometer fraud out there for commercial vehicles. It's probably fine but make sure that this is not one of them...

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