Onan Generator Problem


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Have an unusual problem with my Onan QD 3200 (2009-2010). This unit is installed in my 2010 Winnebago Via 25T

The remote display will not stay on if you release the red on/off button.
I press the red button and hold it down as usual until the display state “GEN OFF”
Once I release the red button the display goes out/blank immediately
If I hold the red button down until “GEN OFF “ is displayed and continue to hold the red button down while pressing the green start button the generator will start and it produces 120 VAC as long as I continue to hold the red button depressed.
Once I release the red button the generator stops
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm not sure what your control panel looks like and what the red button is supposed to do. So my answer is somewhat generic. But my guess is that the panel is powered from the 'keep running' signal of the generator. This signal that powers e.g. the fuel pump and fuel shut off switch is normally overridden/high during starting of the generator (e.g. connected to 12VDC), remaining high (12VDC) when the generator is running, and forced to a "low/ 0 VDC" signal to shut down the generator. The Overriding is done via the starting circuit. The forcing low, may be by the circuit board or using a switch connecting the signal to "ground". The signal may also be used for automatic shutdowns in case of e.g. "low oil level".

So couple of possible causes:
- Somewhere the wiring to shut down the generator is chafed (or a connector is loose) somewhere between generator and control panel, and is touching ground. (Unlikely cuase, as i think the generator wouldnt start in such event, but you never know).
- You have a low oil level
- The remote control panel is faulty.
- The generator is somehow not making its own voltage.
- The generator control board is faulty.

You could try, disconneting the remote control panel at the generator (should be an easy connector that can be disconnected). and try starting it fro the control buttons on the generator. If it runs fine that way, its the wiring to , or the remote panel itself.
If adding oil solves it, you are golden.
Any other faults may require some more troubleshooting.

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