Decked and VS30 with two bench rows

You can get it to fit a VS30 with 2nd row in factory stock postion.

Need to cut way more than on a need another inch at least to get the seat in/out compared to the NCV3 with a 2nd row in stock position. Had to move it like almost 8 inches or more. You can see it will fit, but you have to notch the front cups to move it back...all the way back to the rear corner...every 1/4 inch counts as the newer seats need to go back a bit to get them out compared to the older vans. I don't have a before/after...but you will have to just keep cutting till you can get your seat in/out. It is way more difficult to remove. I trimmed enough so its pretty easy to get out with a little creativity.

Front Overview.jpg

Driver Rear.jpgCup Trimming 2.jpgDriver Rear.jpgDriver Rear.jpgCup Trimming 2.jpgDriver Rear.jpgFront clearance.jpg
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