Rear door gap/leak.


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The door is rough. The hinges are rough. I have this gap at the top corner on the passenger side. I’ve seen it before on other t1ns. Is this just a hinge issue or should I continue looking for a replacement door? Any advice is helpful. Thanks.

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I would say yes, there is likely a hinge adjustment that you could do or possibly adjustment of the weather stripping (the metal lip the gasket goes over may be bent) and if the door is significantly rusted then pursuit of a new one would be a good idea


2004 140” SHC T1N 2500
Try adjusting the lower hinge stop, screw #4 in the diagram:
I’d try 1/4 turn counterclockwise on screw #4 to move the lower corner “out”. This levers the upper inner corner “in” and helps it seal. Realizing that the door latch and the other hinge don’t move helps visualize how these adjustments move the door.

Don’t go too far, and watch that the door’s brass electrical pins don’t collide with the frame seal or with the tail lamp lens. An 1/8 of a turn can make a big difference to clearance.

Turning the upper hinge’s door-side screw clockwise will bring the upper outer corner in. Moving the upper hinge in and the lower hinge out helps get more pressure across the full length of the top seal.

Make sure the door is firmly against the hinge stops (by pulling back on the outer door edge) when assessing the stop screw adjustments. If the hinges are stiff or the cams worn there’s a tendency for the door-side pin to hang at mid-rotation so the door doesn’t close properly.


Added: the driver’s side door looks like the top is quite deep in the frame... maybe adjust it out a little (lower hinge in, upper hinge out) to help them meet in the middle? Use the side frame to judge when it’s “vertical”)

Adjustment manual is here: Adjustment with Hinges.pdf
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It looks like the outside lip of your door is bent in significantly. A little work with a mallet and a sturdy wood block might help correct the issue

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