Doing the Landrover on Sprinter: Bleeding the ABS block


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Well as occasionally we see some kind soul has been busy doing brakes and back flowing fluid by compression of caliper pistons! Without that is purging the body! That is achieved of course in practice, by opening the bleeder fitting and clamping the hose. A "must" on all ABS equipped vehicles & in fact Landrover says Do Dis Way Maan!
Its written in their manuals when it was paper and looked like a Holy Bible or Koran in green.
Dirt having got up into the ABS brick was causing excessive pedal travel.

Now do you think that is unique to Sprinters? -In short NO !
Because we see Landrover Discoveries (MK1 & 2's) in the same shape --poor pedal operation & poor braking, post brake service .

Now yer Landrover has three brake bleeding operations, MB has only TWO recommended .
Operation #1 bleed as normal following the wheel sequence. That is a shared !
Operation #2 Power bleed with scanner opening up each bleed screw in turn following wheel sequence. Same Oh shared!
BUT now #3 Landrover exclusive, has you apply the brakes as hard as you can depress the pedal with your clog, then sequence the power bleed operation WITHOUT opening the bleed screw.
The system with (the ignition on) will cycle the ABS internal valves making it growl like a dog. The pedal will pulse and any air in the return line, plus dirt under ABS delicate control valves will get forced up into the reservoir.
Then just like Landrover you get a nice solid pedal without that famous Sprinter mushy feel.

Obviously you need a scan tool with brake bleed control features, but this will improve your braking feel if you "Doing the Landrover Knowledge, African Bush style" .
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