Rainwater Collection on Sprinter

Has anyone considered/researched the subject? For many people who live in their vans full time and fill up their tanks with "technical" water they find on the sides of gas station store buildings or at the truck stops, having their rainwater collection system would be a great solution. However, no one seem to be doing it. What are your thoughts/experience? What are the biggest "against" it points, in your opinion?


I've not researched but have considered rainwater collection. One consideration is the annual rainfall in the region/s you plan to use it. Given what I've seen on a siblings collection in SoTx it's plausible. The most concerning issue for me are the contaminants/filtering. I used 'tech' water for years, w/o filtering, but given the breakdown of our society/infrastructure, I plan to filter on my next system. Another concern is the engineering aspects of it with regard to a roof fan, awning and solar array. I have to admit, it still is intriguing to consider.

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When parked on level ground I believe that most of the water sheds down the front of a Sprinter. You may be able to leverage the trough that is below the windshield and divert the water from there to containment of some sort.



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Throwing an oversized tarp on a roof rack with a screened drain hose going through a gravity feed filter to a collection barrel would probably be the cheapest and easiest solution. Take down the sides of the tarp to travel. Plug the drain hole and it could double as a small sun heated rooftop swimming pool :ROFLMAO:


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Roof rack with 12 inch sides and fitted with custom liner similar to doughboy pool.

Gravity drains to custome saddle tanks above and along the interior wheel wells.

Alternatively, roof rack fitted with with aluminum pan with 1 inch sides and drain.

A plastic covered aluminum frame parabolic apparatus that that automatically senses rain and depoys similar to an inverted umbrella, featuring a distribution drain hose to storage tank.

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